Hello! Thanks for stopping by Sunshine and Saguaros. I am Jen, a Graphic Designer/Art Director, wife and mom of two living in sunny and saguaro-filled Phoenix, Arizona.

I’ve always been creative and crafty. From an early age I remember doing crafts with my mom and taking trips to though local craft store. I went to summer camp for arts and for performing arts. I took classes and always loved to try new things. I was the type of child who would sit quietly for hours coloring in my coloring book and some of my favorite toys were my spiralograph, jewelry making kits, and art supplies.

During my first semester of college, I enrolled in an oil painting class. At the same time, I was taking an advertising class and decided that I had to find a way to merge these two things into a career. I I switched my major and change schools to pursue a graphic design degree. More than 10 years later I’m still working in design and marketing and love it every day.

My design background has given me many useful tools that have been invaluable in my many other creative pursuits! I’ve enjoyed scrapbooking, sewing, paper crafts, creating party decorations, set design and painting, chalk art, oil and watercolor painting, crafting, DIY home decor and home projects.

I found my love for blogging when my daughter, now two, was born with an unexpected rare skin condition. I shared updates with friends and family for the first year of her life and wanted to write more.


I have more ideas than time to execute and more interests than time to learn about them!

I love design, decaf lattes, shopping, entertaining, performing arts, and photography.

I am on endless quest for balance in my life while working full-time out of the home as the Creative Manager for a national restaurant brand.

I have an obsession with storage containers and baskets.

Succulents are the only type of plant I can keep alive.

I equally love eating healthy and eating cake pops.

Currently listening to true crime podcasts and watching shows set in 15th-16th century Europe.