Boogie Boarding

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Our kids were getting a little squirrely waiting for a takeout order a few weeks ago. As I was trying to find a way to stop Kinley from wiping off the entire chalkboard sign with her belly while she was reaching for the candy on top, one of the hostesses handed us a drawing tablet. We all instantly fell in love and bought two on Amazon while we were sitting there.

They are called boogie boards! They are lightweight and easy to use writing tablets. There is a single button to ‘wipe’ the screen, one pen/stylus (although a finger nail can draw on it as well), and magnets on the back.

The kids are loving theirs. Jackson calls it his tablet and Kinley tells us she needs to do her paperwork. I love that they are simple, mess-free, very portable and write like a real pen/pencil.


We’ve only had them for a short while so we can’t say how well they hold up but check them out – we think they are pretty neat.

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